As the end of summer is meeting the beginning of fall, may we present a NEW trailer of exquisite fun and folly that is POSSESSED!. Skating from Jacob Johnson, Cyprian Preut, Chris Benson, Ben Woosley, Ray Chavez, Travis Waller and Monico Candelaria. Enjoy! 🙂


Ben Woosley AKA Mr. New Mex popped into town just in time for monsoon meltdown… we ducked the rain, got the boot, battled the wind… 💦


En Route to Taos for the ‘LET THEM DO’ art show, we stopped for a quick one at the NEW Santa Fe skatepark. Thomas Bowers, Jacob Johnson, Estevan “Rico” Ramirez, Noah Cook & Mitchell DeLaCruz.


June 22nd… the day AFTER. Ryan Michael & Ray Chavez shredding at the ASSEMBLY gathering at the Los Altos ‘BARRIERS’ … S/O to Ryan Maddox for organizing the event & Jake ‘Da Jeweler’ Johnson for the bondo job! Yew!